April 26, 2012


Nickelback On Their New Tour's "Flying Stage"

When Nickelback swung through New York City to play Madison Square Garden, the Canadian rockers were gracious enough to stop by Fuse's office to discuss the "flying stage" they're using on their current tour.

"There is a secondary stage that comes down from the sky, lands on the stage and we all get on it," explains lead singer Chad Kroeger. "It takes us up in the air, travels across the arena and spins around in circles. It has a Plexiglas floor so we can see through it, which increases the chance we might vomit on the way over." 

"I have a paralyzing fear of heights," admits his brother/guitarist Mike Kroeger. "So it's very fun for me."

"It's one of those things when we're older, I think we're gonna watch the footage and go, 'Really? What were we thinking?'" says drummer Daniel Adair.

"We're gonna look back and go, 'Wow, that was a lot of money, we wasted a lot of money on that,'" opines guitarist Ryan Peake. "It's a lot of fun though."

When asked whether the rather pointed lyrics on "This Means War" were about a particular person, Chad wisely offered a qualified response: "I can't really tell you exactly who the subject might possibly be in 'This Means War.' That one could probably land me in court—again," the singer carefully says. "Yes and no: Metaphoric, but incredibly directed."

We also asked Nickelback to respond to YouTube comments people have left on their videos. For instance: In the comments section for their "Lullaby" video—which depicts a widower raising his child—MegaArtyo asks, "How did man feed baby? He have tits with milk?" Nickelback resolves that troubling conundrum by explaining, "Someone in his building probably had a tit available. It's just science."

And to see Mike's uncomfortable response to MafiosoMan101's eagle-eyed obsession with his split pants, watch below.