April 5, 2012


Norah Jones Murders Two-Timing BF in '50s-Themed Video

Kevin Mazur/Child11
Kevin Mazur/Child11

Turns out Norah Jones isn't as sweet and innocent as you might've thought. 

In her brand new music video for "Happy Pills," a single from her Danger Mouse-produced fifth album Little Broken Hearts, Jones reaps revenge on a two-timing lover. I've already discussed my love for the track, but now we've got the video. Set in the 1950s, the video plays out the song's lyrics verbatim: Jones, playing herself presumably (poor girl; I wouldn't cheat on you, Norah!), discovers that her BF has another GF: “Will you please just let me go now?” she coos. "Wanna make sure that you never waste my time again." 

And how, exactly, does she accomplish that? Well... she certainly gets rid of him for good (spoiler alert: she drugs his cheatin' a$$ and then rolls him, and his car, into a lake). Busted!

Watch the video below:

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