April 2, 2012


Conquer the Mud at Summer Music Festivals, In Style

Photo Credit: Spinning Hat
Photo Credit: Spinning Hat

Summer music festivals like Glastonbury and Bonnaroo are famous for their wet weather and muddy fields, so much so that festival mud fashion has become a cottage industry! 

Festival Feet are these ultra-cheap disposable shoe covers that look like Converse All-Stars and cost $7.99, and in case you're thinking, "I can just use my boots for that," mud makes your expensive boots gross and you should get some Festival Feet.

Festival Feet are available in red, yellow and blue and, to a person with very poor vision, would look no different than a pair of original All-Stars. For more info on Festival Feet, click right here.

Are you going to buy a pair of Festival Feet before this summer's concert season? Tell us in the comments section below...