April 9, 2012


R. Kelly's 5 Most Awesome Lyrics On Future's New Track "Parachute"

Atlanta rapper Future and brilliant/insane R&B singer R. Kelly just released their collaboration track from the XXL Freshman's upcoming debut Pluto. "Parachute" is a vaguely Middle Eastern-tinged track with Auto-Tune a'plenty and a few bizarre verses from R. Kelly. Weird, huh? It's hard to imagine the usually straight-laced R. Kelly doing something strange.

You can listen to it above, and just so you don't miss Kellz' best lines, we excerpted the top five most awesome lyrics R. Kelly delivers in "Parachute" for you below. 

5) "There's something about those fishnets girl, that's hugging and revealing your thigh." Aww, that's sort of sweet.

4) "I need a parachute 'cause I'm falling for the p**sy." That fairly average lyric takes on a whole 'nother level of awesome when you hear how Kellz pronounces the female genitalia at the :50 mark. 

3) "I'm the shit y'all n**gas just smell around here." Oh, snap!

2) "You can always call on me, Apple Phone." Take that, Mac! R. Kelly doesn't need your stinking iBranding.

1) "Her ass got a voice and she sing a cappella." BOOM. Future K.O.'d. 

Although R. Kelly definitely gets the best lines on "Parachute," Future does offer up one rather curious off-rhyme that we'd be remiss not to shout-out: "I got your attitude in Venus, I got you beggin' to catch my semen."

And there you have it! There's really not much else to say after a lyric like that. 

What do you think of Future and R. Kelly's collabo? Which line is your favorite?