April 26, 2012


Read Erotic Fan Fiction About Bon Iver

Roger Kisby
Roger Kisby

If you're a teenage girl waiting for a man like Bon Iver's Justin Vernon to romance you, the Bon Iver Erotic Stories Tumblr will occupy your imagination with parody stories until that dude actually shows up on your front door.

The Tumblr posts photos of Bon Iver accompanied by short fantasies about his tenderness. The first post is a press shot of Bon Iver accompanied by the following: "Bon Iver woke me up this morning with 40 solid minutes of loving cunnilingus, then whistled a new song while he pulled on his Carhartt jeans."

The next post is another press photo of Bon Iver, under which is: "This morning we sat on the front porch in a rocking chair, I on his lap, wrapped up in a blanket he’d knitted from wool he spun from the neighbor’s sheep. We watched the sun rise and he said, ‘I wonder if the sun knows how lucky he is to shine on your beautiful face every day.’ A single tear marked his cheek."

Check out more stories here. You will laugh ... and maybe be turned on. And then let us know what you think of Bon Iver Erotic Stories in the comments!