April 24, 2012


South Korean Christian Group Protests Lady Gaga Show


When Lady Gaga kicks off her five-month Born This Way tour on April 27 at Seoul's Olympic Stadium, there's at least one group who won't be bowing at the feet of Mother Monster.

The International Business Times reports that hundreds of South Korean Christians have been protesting the show and its flamboyant singer. "We will pray to God that the concert will not be realized so that homosexuality and pornography will not spread around the country," Kang Ju-Hyun, a protestor and prayer organizer told the Agence France-Presse (via IB Times).

The Korea Media Rating Board, an organization that rates films, videos and performances in South Korea, has already ruled Gaga's show inappropriate for anyone under 18. Gaga took to Twitter, as she's prone to do, after the KMRB made their decision, tweeting, "Thanks to all the adults in Korea who are speaking out for underaged who want to come to the BTW Ball. Maybe the gov. will change their mind . . . Although not affecting ticket sales in Seoul, parents should be given more credit to determine what's good for their children."

On the flip side, controversy equals publicity and it's unlikely that a few hundred protestors, whatever their gripe, will stop the Gaga machine. Tip for new bands (and their publicists): Organize protests of your own music.