April 24, 2012


The Fray on Their First Song About Sex

Denver alt-rockers The Fray stopped by Fuse for a new installment of Fuse's Inside the Lyrics. The rock quartet told us that "Turn Me On," off their latest record Scars & Stories, is actually the first song they've written about makin' lurv.

"We were writing about making love and it was our first time of [figuring out] how to write about that," says lead singer Isaac Slade. "We were sort of afraid, I think, to bring that into our songs." 

For inspiration, they turned to an Internet video of a vintage dance routine. "We had this picture of this belly dancer, almost fire-dancer lady: It was this YouTube [video] we found from the '40s or something. She was just mesmerizing and I decided to draw it in the song. Seeing her rise and fall and being frozen to the screen."

The actual lyric in "Turn Me On" is, "I see you're rising and you're falling / And I try to look away / But I'm frozen in the darkness / You're a burning cabaret." So now you know! 

Guitarist Joe King talks about "The Wind" being inspired by historical Eastern explorers, and Slade also explains how "Here We Are" is about learning to keep fame in perspective. "We sold 3 million copies of our first record, and in my head I felt like three million people liked me," Slade says. "But obviously that's not how it works." Watch the video above for the full interview.

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