April 27, 2012


The Ting Tings Talk New Album, Nonstop Touring

When The Ting Tings stopped by our studios to discuss their recently released album Sounds from Nowheresville, they also told us about the effects that fashion and a never-ending tour have had on their music and lifestyle. 

The group experienced a depression following their last tour, and member Katie White explained why. "Touring's so good, that you get addicted to it and you keep doing it," said White. "And when you stop, you don't have that adrenaline in your body every night and you're like, 'What do i do? Do I drink wine? Do I go party? Do i sit and stare at the TV? it took a little while for just come back down before we could even think about what we wanted to write?"

The group had a worldwide hit in 2008 with "That's Not My Name," but for their new album, it wasn't about chasing after the hits. "Writing a hit for hit's sake was never the plan because you never expect it to happen to you," said White. "We just wanted to mentally get back to that place where you don't think about, 'We write it this way and it will get played here.'"

Watch the full video above and for more crazy tour stories, including their worst injuries and why Japanese radio stations can't say their name on the air, check out the video below.