April 27, 2012


Top 5 Tweets: Influential Music Writer Makes Elbow-Scrotum Connection & More

5. Atlanta rapper Pill is "asking for a friend," you guys:

Do girls still be having tongue rings? (asking for a friend)
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4. UK superproducer Calvin Harris worried for his personal safety:

I'm in a cab to the airport and the driver is talking to himself really quietly (definitely not bluetooth) should I be worried
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3. Philadelphia rapper Freeway tweets a picture of the enormous plate of food he's about to eat:

2. Tony Hawk tried to hide his enthusiasm about interviewing MGMT but couldn't:

I recently interviewed MGMT on a NYC rooftop, NBD (actually, it was). http://t.co/5zyeOQia http://t.co/0y08ysJL
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1. Senior Editor of Spin notices that the human elbow is like the human scrotum:

I think the elbow is the second most scrotal part of the body.
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