April 4, 2012


Travis Porter On Why BET Banned Their "Ayy Ladies" Video

Georgia hip hop trio Travis Porter stopped by Fuse's offices to hang with Hip Hop Shop producer Esteban Serrano and the group, comprised of Ali, Quez and Strap, explained why BET banned their hotel party-rockin' "Ayy Ladies" video.

"This is just what happens to all our songs with BET," said Quez. "We try to make the videos as light and fun as we can, to overpower the lyrics, and they still don't rock with us." In case you're unfamiliar with Travis Porter's uncompromising Dirty South flow, here's a sample line from "Ayy Ladies" ft. Tyga: "Stacks in the p**sy hole, call that the g-spot."

"Maybe we should try making these Justin Bieber-type records," Quez said, laughing and singing a few impressively in-tune bars of "Baby." Yeah… that's probably not going to happen.

Travis Porter also talked about dedicating their upcoming debut From Day 1 to everyone who has supported them. "We dedicate a lot of stuff to our fans, because without our fans we wouldn't be here," Strap said. "Every time we do something for our fans, it always seems to be the best thing we've ever done," Quez agreed. 

To watch the full interview with Travis Porter—and to see them make fun of our office—click the video above. Do it!

Travis Porter, "Ayy Ladies"