April 13, 2012


Tupac & Nate Dogg Are Playing Coachella as Holograms

Raymond Boyd
Raymond Boyd

Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg miss 2Pac and Nate Dogg so much! According to LA radio station KROQ, they're so eager to perform with them that the living rappers are bringing the dead ones back to Coachella as holograms! HOLOGRAMS!

Dre and Snoop are using the same hologram company that brought five holographic Mariah Careys to life for Christmas concerts last year, and the holograms were so convincing that people believed they were seeing Mariah Carey.

If you are the one guy at their Coachella set who hasn't been told about the holograms, and you believe you are seeing Tupac in the flesh, man, I wish I was in your brain, because that will be an amazing moment for you.

Dre and Snoop are also rumored to be bringing Eminem, Warren G and Wiz Khalifa to the stage, but we'll have to wait and see if that's true.

So will Snoop and Wiz Khalifa stand around on stage for 10 minutes blowing weed smoke through the hologram because it looks cool? Will the hologram Tupac actually come to life and be evil, like a combination Pinocchio/HAL 9000? Only time will tell!

So do you think the hologram idea is cool or lame? We think it's awesome. Let us know in the comments! And watch Rick Ross and Meek Mill's "Tupac Back" below:

Rick Ross & Meek Mill - Tupac Back