April 11, 2012


U.S. Band Named One Direction Sues U.K. Boy Band One Direction

George Pimentel
George Pimentel

One Direction, the UK boy band formed by Simon Cowell that became the first UK group to debut at No. 1 on the US Billboard 200 album chart, now has something in common with Nirvana. According to The Hollywood Reporter, they're getting sued by a random band from across the Atlantic that has the same name.

One Direction (US), a band from Tres Pinos, CA, is suing One Direction (UK) because, as they argue, One Direction (UK) can't navigate itself into the US market without causing consumer confusion. This makes sense, and as proof, One Direction (US) submitted video from NBC's Today show featuring a photo of One Direction (UK) with a song by One Direction (US) laid over it.

Looks like One Direction (UK) might have to change its name!

One Direction (US) also got to the name first, as they've been selling their debut album The Light on iTunes since February 3, 2011. And One Direction (UK) definitely knew about One Direction (US) because they were made aware of the US band when they tried to file a trademark application, but they chose to press on with the name anyway.

It may be difficult for the US band to prove that the UK band has caused them any harm though, because, come on, this band One Direction that has no label and wasn't going anywhere now has more than 100,000 YouTube views on some of its songs! And they're not good songs.

Maybe if Western society didn't have such a deep-seated proclivity for frivolous litigation, One Direction (US) would be thanking One Direction (UK) for being the reason that anyone had ever heard of them. Or maybe not!

What do you think? Should One Direction (UK) change its name and fork over the one million dollars that One Direction (US) are suing them for? Or should One Direction (US) just STFU? Let us know in the comments!