April 2, 2012


Weird Al Yankovic Suing Sony for $5 Million

Kevin Winter
Kevin Winter

Weird Al Yankovic, the California funnyman/thereminist behind some very corny song parodies, is not joking around anymore and has had enough of his label cheating him out of his money! This is his last resort: according to The Hollywood Reporter, he's suing Sony Music for $5 million.

Yankovic alleges that Sony Music took duplicate recoupments from him (meaning they charged him twice when they should have charged him once), that they're paying him less than they agreed to pay him for legal downloads, and that they haven't shared the money they received from lawsuit settlements with Napster, Kazaa and Grokster. Wonder why he's waited so long to sue them for Napster royalties? Why didn't he ask for those like ten years ago?

He also alleges that when Sony received an equity stake in YouTube in exchange for them allowing YouTube to air their videos, his song "White and Nerdy" was one of the most popular videos on the site, so they owe him for that too. Guess Sony Music isn't laughing anymore! And nor should they be. Weird Al is getting serious.