April 24, 2012


Wiz Khalifa Gives Lukewarm Response To Kanye West's Praise

Tim Mosenfelder
Tim Mosenfelder

When New York radio host Funkmaster Flex asked Wiz Khalifa what he thought about Kanye West's brief, but lavish, praise on the DJ Khaled track "Way Too Cold" (formerly titled "Theraflu"), the 24-year-old rapper was surprisingly muted in his response.

"It wasn't a bad thing," Khalifa said. "It was wild, but it wasn't nothing negative. Everybody got positive from it. So, it's positive."

Kanye's Khalifa reference was in the line, "The whole industry wants to f**k your old chick / Only n***a I got respect for is Wiz," a reference to Wiz now dating Kanye's ex, Amber Rose. 

So even if Kanye brought up the awkward situation as a way to give props to Wiz, it seems that his hip hop junior isn't exactly flabbergasted by the compliment. Saying 'Ye's praise "wasn't a bad thing" is a pretty non-responsive response. 

That Wiz Khalifa, he just doesn't take compliments well! What a modest kid, don't make him blush! Or perhaps more specifically, maybe Wiz doesn't take compliments well when they come from a rapper who allegedly cheated on the woman he's now engaged to. Just a thought!

What do you think of Wiz's response? Too tepid or just the right tone?