April 9, 2012


Buy The Rights to Young Buck's Name, Songs & More

Ethan Miller
Ethan Miller

Have you always wanted to be a professional rapper, but you're a 65-year-old music industry executive, so it never worked out? Well, now you have a chance to make your dreams come true: according to the Wall Street Journal, Young Buck is selling all of his intellectual property, including his song compositions and even his name!

Because Young Buck was unable to come up with a viable business plan to repay all of the money he owes to the IRS, a judge has ordered him to auction off all of his assets.

All of his assets! Poor guy. The auction will take place in "Cashville," TN, on May 14, pending government approval.

His assets include "trademarks and copyrights, all masters, compositions, royalties, rights and licenses owned by debtor and all rights of publicity owned by debtor.” 

Young Buck has "Young Buck" trademarked, so if you win the auction, you can literally be Young Buck, and you can make sure David Darnell Brown never calls himself Young Buck again.

Additionally, regarding the auction, people in the music industry are interested in owning masters because they allow the owner to re-release songs and license them for ads, movies and video games, among other things. So you can grab that in addition to Young Buck's name.

So how much would you pay to be Young Buck?! Let us know in the comments! And check out some of Young Buck's flyest assets, like that candy-coated sedan, in a sick Young Buck video below.

Young Buck, "Get Buck"