May 30, 2012


"The Voice" Producers Announce New Show "The Winner Is"

Jon Kopaloff
Jon Kopaloff

For those who think television has reached the apex of reality singing competitions, please stop reading now. According to Billboard, producers of The Voice have approved plans for The Winner Is, a "vocal game show featuring head-to-head singing duels." There will be no limits on age or professional credits, which means the Baha Men finally have a chance to return to fame.

Details are still vague on the show's specific format, but the winner will eventually earn $1 million, a sudden influx of cash that will in no way affect their sense of reality or distort their level of perceived fame.

The best part of "The Winner Is," though, barring the announcement of a Thunderdome-style ring utilizing primitive weapons as microphones, is that contestants can negotiate deals with their opponents after competing. I've been in many rooms in which shady negotiating has gone down and if this is a fraction as suspect, this actually has potential.