May 7, 2012


10 Artists You Didn't Know Sampled The Beastie Boys

Kevin Winter / Scott Gries / Neilson Barnard
Kevin Winter / Scott Gries / Neilson Barnard

For nearly 30 years, the Beastie Boys have sampled hundreds of artists to achieve their perfect balance of eclecticism and recognizability. But their clever lines, thumping drums and ear for samples has made the group one of the most referenced themselves. To celebrate the group's influence and legacy, here are 10 (out of hundreds) of the best, worst and weirdest.

Bell Biv Devoe sample "B-Boy Bouillabaisse" for "Do Me" remix (1990)
The New Jack Swing trio who soundtracked your favorite rec room dance pause momentarily from swimsuit- and underwear-clad models to lift a sample from the last track of Paul's Boutique. Check out the "It's a trip. It's got a funky beat. And I can bug out to it" sample at 0:20.

Moby samples "The New Style" for "Breathe" (1991)
This Beasties staple has been sampled by everyone from Lil Wayne to Odd Future to MC Hammer. Eight years before warping the blues into Starbucks-friendly beat fodder, Moby was a techno-loving rave favorite. At 2:16, listen to the producer flip one Ad-Rock word from "The New Style" (The "On" from intro "And on the cool check in!") into hyper-pitched bliss.

Faith No More sample "Car Thief" for "Midlife Crisis" (1992)
For their first single from the group's fourth album Angel Dust, Faith No More speed up the intro to the Paul's Boutique track for the breakdown at 2:23.

Sublime sample "Slow and Low" for "Doin' Time" (1997)
The SoCal ska-rockers were perpetual samplers of the Beasties, using their sound on "Get Out," "Let's Go Get Stoned," "Don't Push" and "Garden Grove." On the last song of their self-titled third album, Sublime lay down "And we can do it like this, in the place to be" from "Slow and Low" into the hook for their summertime classic. (First sample at 0:34.)

The Prodigy sample "Root Down" for "Funky S**t" (1997)
The only lyric from this pulsing track from The Prodigy's breakthrough album Fat of the Land is the Boys proclaiming "Oh my God, that's the funky s**t!"

Cat Power samples "Paul Revere" for "American Flag" (1998)
"Paul Revere" has been used by countless artists, including Das Racist ("You Can Sell Anything,") Missy Elliott ("Funky Fresh Dressed") and Rick Ross "The Boss"). The opening track from Chan Marshall's fourth album Moon Pix turns "Revere"'s classic backwards drum loop into the anchor for this disorienting track. (Loop plays throughout song).

"Weird Al" Yankovic samples "Intergalactic" for "Polka Power!" (1999)
Those not immersed in his discography may not know that on every album, Weird Al devotes one track to a polka-ized medley of all the current popular songs. The Beasties go polka at 1:46.

LFO sample "The New Style" for "Summer Girls" (1999)
One of MCA's funniest lyrics—"Girls with boyfriends are the kind I like/I'll steal your honey like I stole your bike"—gets recycled in this hardcore punk track by the Lyte Funky Ones (at 2:41).

Beck samples "So What'Cha Want" for "E-Pro" (2005)
Wondering why those drums from Guero's opening track sound familiar? It's the loop from the second single off Check Your Head.

Far East Movement sample "So What'Cha Want" for "So What?" (2010)
Purists will scoff, but Far East Movement's lifting of the Beasties' " So What'Cha Want" for the chorus to "So What?" prove the group's limitless influence. (Chorus starts at 1:08)