May 29, 2012


Adam Lambert's Glammy Sci-Fi "Never Close Our Eyes" Video

Whether via high-styled hairdos or soaring power ballads, Adam Lambert has been channeling the 1980s since he broke into the national consciousness via American Idol in 2009. So when you learn Adam Lambert's "Never Close Our Eyes" video takes its inspiration from 1984, you're excused for assuming he dons a tech vest while dancing to synth-heavy club music instead of paying homage to George Orwell's classic novel.

Well, Glambert being Glambert, he actually does both in the oh-so-awesome clip for the second single from Trespassing. "Never Close Our Eyes" is set in a dreary, food-pill-popping future that brings to mind Equilibrium, THX-1138, Alphaville and pretty much every future dystopia dating back to Zamyatin's We. 

But Big Brother doesn't sit right with Lambert: Just like he couldn't remain a content cog in the Idol machine, the glittery singer breaks through the faceless, oppressive future society using the power of dance, neon colors and stratospheric vocals. 

What do you think of Lambert's new video? Like it, love it or gotta have it? Also, check out our interview with Lambert where he responds to Jay-Z's same-sex marriage endorsement.