May 15, 2012


Adrian Grenier's Honey Brothers On "Strange" "Entourage" Experience

Adrian Grenier, the star of HBO's Entourage, formed his New York-based new wave-meets-folk band The Honey Brothers long before he was ever known on TV as Hollywood playboy/actor Vincent Chase. Fuse recently sat down with The Honey Brothers at our Manhattan HQ to discuss the band's just-released new album Time Flies Like a Peach, Grenier's success on Entourage and more. 

"It was strange for us to watch the Entourage phenomenon from the inside and from the outside," says multi-instrumentalist Ari Gold, who shares, totally coincidentally, the same name with Jeremy Piven's fictional (and wildly neurotic) movie agent character on Entourage. "It was a fun ride for Adrian and a fun ride for us to observe from a few feet away."

In the clip above the quartet answer many more questions, too, like... How exactly did four New Yorkers come to be known as the Honey Brothers? And how did the band film their awesome new video for "Green and Gold" ... with help from a fundamentalist christian!?!

Watch the video above for answers to those questions and more, and then let us know what you think of The Honey Brothers in the comments below!