May 2, 2012


All-American Rejects Have Amazing Tour Stories

The All-American Rejects have some crazy tour stories, like when a kid gave them homemade liquor made out of Juicy Juice: "They put yeast in a bottle of Juicy Juice and left it in a dark closet for two weeks," and then he suggested the band drink it.

Lead singer Tyson Ritter also makes disgusting food, like "deli nachos," which are nachos with "cheese, deli meat, and then you squeeze the Guilden's [mustard] and mayo, and it's like a sandwich surprise! The other night I made an amazing [snack]: thin crust pizza with the cheese and sauce scraped off of it. What does that give you? That gives you a sort of mobile pita, doesn't it?"

Another time, a woman gave Ritter a graft of skin along with a story so freaky that you'll have to hear Tyson tell it. In the end, he flushed the skin, but I'll leave the provenance of the skin to him in the video above. Watch the video and then let us know what you think was the grossest/most amazing story in the comments below!