May 20, 2012


Healthy Food Makes Action Bronson Vomit

Queens chef-turned-rapper Action Bronson has always had a very public love affair with food, but as our "Incredibly Intimate" interview above reveals, there's at least one food that will make him, well, less than satisfied. 

"The most disgusting thing I've ever put into [my mouth] is the f**kin' green algae shot that I had at some health food store 'cause I'm trying to preserve this sexy," said Bronson at Bamboozle. "But I threw up instantaneously; ridiculous spew all over the place." Bronson also wasn't shy in letting us know how often he takes bubble baths and who takes the blame when he can't contain his gas. Dude's honest, at least.

We also got the rapper to reveal his take on festival food, which film character he'd play in a remake and the title to his anticipated collaboration with Wiz Khalifa. Wrestling fans will be happy, though the rapper cryptically answered a question on its full meaning with, "When you hear it, you'll understand." We can't wait.