May 19, 2012


Bamboozle 2012: Mac Miller on his "Secret Project" and Moving Out of his Mom's House

Last time we chopped it up with Mac Miller at South by Southwest, the ubiquitous MC told us about sex on the beach (not the drink) and his recently released mixtape Macadelic. At Bamboozle 2012, the rapper discussed elaborate tour pranks and finally being able to move out of his mom's house. 

"I got the Infinity pool," said Mac. "I got an office. I got a jacuzzi tub. My shower got five spouts. A marble staircase. It's Scarface. I'ma be one of those rappers that spends all my money and is broke. But I'm cool with it." Miller also brought up a "secret project" entitled Pink Slime, a collaborative EP with "someone very dope." (Hint: It's not Cam'ron.)

The rapper also spoke about trying to make a crowd of tens of thousands as intimate as possible. "At a big show like this when there's a lot of people," said Miller. "It's trying to create intimacy and trying to make it feel like it's one of those venues I used to do when there was 400 people there and you basically knew everyone there."

Check out the whole video above. Most dope.

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