May 11, 2012


Beach Boys Member Calls Obama a Socialist "A-Hole"

Chris McKay
Chris McKay

While posing for pictures and signing autographs for New York fans who turned out for the Beach Boys' reunion tour with Brian Wilson, 69-year-old Bruce Johnston—who has been with the band since 1965—went off on President Obama, implying he was a socialist and calling him an "a**hole."

"Obama?" Johnston asked a fan incredulously, presumably in response to an earlier question not caught on video. "Unless you're interested in never having any money and being socialized." But this Beach Boy is an equal-opportunity hater—he moved on to dissing presumed Republican nominee Mitt Romney moments later.

"And who is the Republican a**hole? Our guy isn't good," Johnston said, indicating he considers himself a disgruntled conservative. "You have Reagan and Tip O'Neill. Those are the last two good guys." An off-camera man who self-identified as a Republican tried to speak up in defense of Romney, but Johnston dismissed it: "He's not going to win."

"Wait until Obama doesn't have to try anymore," Johnston said, assuming an incumbent presidential victory in November. "You're f**ked."

Meanwhile, this poor girl with her arm around Johnston was just trying to get a picture taken with a Beach Boy.

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