May 17, 2012


Exclusive: Florence Talks Recording "Snow White" Song "Breath Of Life"

Florence + the Machine - "Breath Of Life"

Excited for Snow White and the Huntsman? Yeah, so are we. Not only does it look like an epic ride of a summer flick, but it has that awesomely foreboding Florence + the Machine song "Breath of Life" in it. That's why we're stoked to offer up this sick "Breath of Life" music video (above) and a behind-the-scenes video (below) of singer Florence Welch talking about how the band teamed with a 60-piece orchestra to create the song.

"[Our song is] more from the perspective of the queen," Florence says. "I just thought the queen was such an amazing character: She's literally sucking the life out of young girls."

Rupert Sanders, the director of the film, said there is "something so right" about Florence + the Machine mixed with this modern update on the fairy tale: "She's just got an incredibly grand epic classical scale to her voice."

Florence was psyched to hear her work augmented by a full orchestra (she also explained why the orchestra scared her a little earlier this month). "It's amazing to see something you've done in a tiny studio turned into this orchestral magnificence. I've never seen my music written out on sheets before. It's completely beautiful but it's [also] terrifying."

Experience "Breath of Life" on the big screen when Snow White and the Huntsman hits theaters on June 1.