May 30, 2012


Billy Corgan Wants YOU to Design Smashing Pumpkins' Poster Art

Andrew H. Walker
Andrew H. Walker

For those Smashing Pumpkins listeners who consider themselves artistically inclined (i.e., all Smashing Pumpkins fans), Billy Corgan has started an online contest inviting fans to submit artwork to accompany each song on their June 19 album Oceania. The winning photos/paintings/frescos (which you can post online) will appear on a band-signed limited edition poster which will be shipped to winners (and available for purchase by the losers). 

What kind of artwork is Billy Corgan looking for? Well, based upon one of the art pieces he saw fit to retweet so far, it looks like hopeful Pumpkinheads might not want to get too abstract for this contest. An early favorite for the Oceania track "Pale Horse" is a fishbowl lens photograph of a pale horse. Fitting! And just to make things extra clear, it includes the words "Smashing Pumpkins" and "Pale Horse." Plus, it looks a bit like an album cover we already know the Pumpkins are fond of. Check it out below.

Trying to keep your artwork similarly literal might not be entirely possible, however, given that Oceania contains track names like "Stella P and the People Mover" and "Panopticon." The latter track isn't gobbledygook, however—it's a building model conceived by old dead white utilitarian Jeremy Bentham that he described as "a new mode of obtaining power of mind over mind, in a quantity hitherto without example." So let that crystal clear explanation fuel your upcoming creative endeavors!