May 16, 2012


Black Metal Musician Elected to Greek Parliament

Photo Credit: Chérie/Metal Photo
Photo Credit: Chérie/Metal Photo

Look at that man above. The face paint. The bandolier. The studded armband. The devil horns. This is Giorgos Germenis, bassist for Greek black metal outfit Naer Mataron, and he is the country's new parliament representative.

Beleaguered by years of overspending, governmental infighting and fiscal mismanagement, Greece is finally turning to the one group of people who can get s**t done: black metal dudes.

According to Blabbermouth, "Germenis... will represent the extremist Golden Dawn party, which is described as perhaps the most extreme of the far-right parties in all of Europe. Comparisons are made to Germany's neo-Nazi National Democratic Party and many say Golden Dawn's logo resembles a swastika."

Oh. Ummm. Yeah. This story's not as fun anymore.

Like many of your favorite far-right extremists, Germenis thinks the problems with Greek's faltering economy can be traced to those lazy, friggin' immigrants and their sneaky, job-taking ways. "Greek factories must be reborn," said Germenis. "Their chimneys must be filled with smoke once more, and of course all illegal immigrants must leave. If all the illegal immigrants left—and there are more than three million—there would be three million jobs for Greeks."

Let's just collectively end this story after the second paragraph, okay? Okay.