May 21, 2012


B.o.B Talks Justin Bieber and Breaking Bones As "A Stupid Kid"

With his second studio album Strange Clouds on the charts now, Fuse sat down with Southern rapper B.o.B and covered everything from his dorkiest hobby growing up to the broken bones in his past, to his greatest childhood fear—which is actually the same thing as his latest album's title. 

B.o.B's Dorky Hobbies as a Kid: "The dorkiest hobby I had growing up was probably playing the trumpet," B.o.B tells us before changing his mind. "No ... I got something worse. Collecting Pokemon cards. But back then everyone was doing it, so everyone was a dork." 

Guilty Music Pleasure: "Probably Justin Bieber."

Shattering His Bones: "Just being a stupid kid, I decide to get on my bike, ride it as fast as I could down the hill, and try to jump off my bike and continue to run as fast as my bike [alongside it]. I broke my wrist. The bike kept going. I didn't."

His Biggest Childhood Fear: "Strange clouds. Then it became my best friend. Back then strange clouds was something different."

To find out what he has to say about pickup lines and what his mother's pet name for him was, check out the full video above.