May 23, 2012


Bow Wow On His T-Pain Collabo: "It's Like Tupac"

With his seventh album Underrated coming out June 12, Bow Wow stopped by Fuse to talk about his recent single, the T-Pain featured track "Better." He likened the song—about a girl who's "19, stripping just to pay the bills"—to Tupac's classic debut single and explained why "Better" is "for that real woman out there that struggles." 

"It's like Tupac's 'Brenda Got a Baby,' it's a meaningful song," Bow Wow says. "And that's why I portrayed the dancer. That's real life. You got so many girls in college trying to pay tuition, they gotta get out and get it and because of that they get called names. They might have a kid or two but they gotta do what they gotta do. That song is for that real woman out there that struggles. Nobody is making those kinds of records."

To hear Bow Wow talk about why recording a hit record is like catching "the musical Holy Ghost"—and to learn why his car was parked at Chris Brown's house when he spoke with Fuse's Esteban Serrano—click the video above.