May 24, 2012


Bridge From Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Under the Bridge" Located

Ian Dickson
Ian Dickson

Sort of like the guy who pinned down the exact date that Ice Cube raps about in 1993's "It Was a Good Day" (but turned out to be wrong), one enterprising Vulture reporter has gone above and beyond to find the exact bridge that Anthony Kiedis sang about in Red Hot Chili Peppers' immortal "Under the Bridge."

Although Kiedis said in a 1992 Rolling Stone interview, "It's downtown... But it's unimportant. I don't want people looking for it," and the band's management refused to comment on the location of the bridge, the reporter went for it anyway. That's the spirit!

The reporter, after a ton of research and a long chase, finds the bridge in the song and writes, "It must be the bridge in the song. It links Sixth and Union—the intersection Kiedis claims he was walking toward—with the drug dealers at Seventh and Hoover." So there it is! The bridge that links Sixth and Union in Macarthur Park in, of course, Los Angeles. 

But now, even though you know, you should really go over to Vulture to read the piece because it's great. Let us know what you think of finding the real bridge from "Under the Bridge" in the comments! Does it change your impression of the song, knowing that it's a real, identifiable place?