May 1, 2012


Buy This $177,000 Painting of Jesus Cheering Up Depressed Paul McCartney

Photo Credit: Katabillups/Ebay
Photo Credit: Katabillups/Ebay

UPDATE: Read an interview with the artist.

Are you in the market for a painting of Jesus Christ cheering up Paul McCartney and have a spare $180,000? Of course you are! So here's this $177,000 (plus framing) painting entitled "Jesus Tries to Cheer Paul McCartney w/ Lambchop Puppet & Create Oasis at Home."

The painting depicts Jesus Christ attempting to cheer up a "clinically depressed" Paul McCartney with a Lamb Chop puppet, and hopefully, in doing so, he will create an "oasis at home." This is how the artist, Kata Billups of Colorado, who has 100% positive feedback on eBay, describes it:

"This scenario from my imagination shows Jesus visiting a clinically depressed Paul McCartney. He is sitting on Paul's right side and slides a Lamb chop Puppet in to Paul's peripheral field of vision. Paul hasn't bothered to get out of his robe."

"His white socks dangle off the ends of his toes. He is depressed and disheveled. On the wall behind him is the cause of his plight... Yoko... (some say she broke up the band ...)."

"Jesus likes Paul, so he hired an angel to tidy up his apartment... Jesus' expression is slightly mischievous. He knows that Paul doesn't want to communicate directly- so he moves the puppet's little lambswool mouth and uses a silly falsetto voice in an attempt to cheer Paul up."

You can read more about this painting on the eBay listing here. No word on why Jesus looks like Ashton Kutcher here. I've reached out to the artist for comment but have not yet heard back.

So this painting has been on eBay for more than two years. Which one of you are going to step in and pay the $177,000 for this masterpiece? Anyone? No? Well, let us know how much you'd pay for it in the comments! And here are some closeups:

Paul McCartney

An angel?

Photo Credit: Katabillups/Ebay
Photo Credit: Katabillups/Ebay

Jesus Christ, looking like Ashton Kutcher:

Photo Credit: Katabillups/Ebay
Photo Credit: Katabillups/Ebay