May 11, 2012


Childish Gambino Talks Danny Brown, Sampling Donkey Kong

When he's not playing Troy Barnes on Community or performing stand-up around the country, Donald Glover is assuming the role of rapper Childish Gambino and releasing a string of mixtapes and Camp, his 2011 debut album.

The rapper is known for his diverse samples, but his producer Chemist stepped up on Gambino's "Eat Your Vegetables," sampling from Donkey Kong Country. "He actually samples a lot of video games, specifically Donkey Kong," said the rapper. "I didn't even know it, which was really funny because nerds were losing their minds about it." 

In the video above, Gambino gives us some details on his upcoming release Royalty, which he stresses is more a "project" than "mixtape." He also sharessome of Royalty's special guests, including Heems from Das Racist, Prodigy and Danny Brown.  

In the video below, Gambino discusses why Brown is one of today's best rappers."He's one of those guys that's a craftsman. He makes s**t rhyme that doesn't rhyme. Personally, i think he's the best MC in the game right now...He has an encyclopedic knowledge of hip hop."