May 22, 2012


Deadmau5: "DJ Pauly D Has No Talent"

Todd Williamson
Todd Williamson

Deadmau5 is in the habit of telling the media exactly what he thinks about other musicians, and most of the time, it's nothing positive. You can read about Deadmau5 ranting about "dips**t" colloborations between pop artists and electronic artists and Madonna making drug references to pander to younger crowds. He even has some generalized anger towards DJs and uses some very bad words to describe them. So who's he slamming now? DJ Pauly D from Jersey Shore!

When TMZ asked Deadmau5 if he thought Pauly D had any real talent, he replied, "No, not really." He then both slightly backtracked and reinforced his position, which he first brought up in a blog post last week where he wrote, "Since Pauly D and his hair obviously has no need for my advice, let me elaborate [and] pass it along to someone who's actually serious about music."

Do you think Pauly D is talented? He's been DJing for a long time; he was already a professional DJ when he started on Jersey Shore. I wonder if Deadmau5 knows this? Let us know in the comments!