May 18, 2012


Did Bono Just Become the World's Richest Musician?

D Dipasupil
D Dipasupil

You might recall we told you about Bono's early investment in Facebook that analysts estimated may have been worth nearly a billion dollars. Now that Facebook initiated their IPO, reports came in all day claiming that the Irish rocker surpassed Paul McCartney as the world's richest musician, valuing his stake in Facebook alone at $1.5 billion.

If this is true, it would be about $500 million more than Sir Paul's net worth, but it may be a big "if." When asked by The Washington Times (via Prefix) if Bono is indeed King of all Musicians, the singer tersely replied, "I don't think it's true," before signing the contract to buy a gold-plated time machine made entirely of Hope diamonds and ivory from the only living woolly mammoth. Check out video of the shortest interview in existence below and rest assured that whatever the number is, Bono can sell you and not think twice.