May 21, 2012


Did Green Day Perform at Mark Zuckerberg's Wedding?

C Flanigan
C Flanigan

So we can't say for sure that Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong performed at Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's wedding last Saturday (May 19), but the circumstantial evidence, as captured by TMZ, is pretty damn substantial.

The video, captured by some well-meaning, morally sound paparazzi just looking to hear some good music on a nice day, captures audio of what sounds like Armstrong saying, "Congratulations to Mark and Priscilla. Mark wanted me to play this song... This song is one I wrote for my wife of 18 years. It better be for her or I'd be in deep trouble." The singer proceeded to sing Green Day's "Last Night on Earth" from 2009's 21st Century Breakdown. Armstrong married wife Adrienne Nesser in 1994 (18 years ago for you non-mathletes).

A spokesperson for the band told NME he could not confirm whether Armstrong performed at the wedding, but presumably made the "wink-wink" gesture over the phone. Listen for yourself.