May 8, 2012


You Could Be the Opening Act on Drake's Tour!

Steve Thorne
Steve Thorne

So you wanna be a rap superstar and live large? Big house, five cars? Now you can, by entering the Ourstage/Real Hip Hop Network's contest! The winner will join DrakeFrench Montana, 2 Chainz, Meek Mill, J. Cole, and Waka Flocka Flame as the opener for Drake's summer Club Paradise Tour. Plus they'll be the star of a documentary!

According to the contest's website, "You upload your best track, the fans judge, and we cover all your travel expenses, including a customized tour bus. And, just in case 20 dates with Drizzy isn't enough limelight, Real Hip Hop Network will also make you the star of Rise, a documentary following your road to stardom."

Watch the video for "(Rap) Superstar" by Cypress Hill below, and then tell us if you entered the contest in the comments below!

Cypress Hill - (Rap) Superstar