May 23, 2012


Eve 6 on Burning Tour Buses and Playing Piano Naked

"We lived on Olive Garden bread sticks for a long time," said Eve 6 member Tony Fagenson. "They're free as long as you get some kind of salad. We didn't eat much more than that."

Cali rock band Eve 6 were barely out of high school when they released their debut album in 1998. The ensuing years have led to some crazy tour stories, including their bus burning down, playing to three people and getting busted by the cops for... well, we'll let the band tell us:

"I spent two nights in jail for playing the piano naked in the lobby of the hotel," said Max Collins in the video above. "There was a lot of underwear and nothing else going on in lobbies at that time in our career," adds Fagenson.

In the video below, the group discuss needing time to grow up after a tiring three-album cycle. "By the end of that, we were mentally and emotionally exhaushed," said Collins. "The wheels came off and we needed to gather ourselves for a minute personally so we can best come together as a band." After a nine-year absence, the group return with their new album Speak in Code.