May 30, 2012


Everclear Frontman Talks Navigating Groupies to Meet His Fourth Wife

When Everclear frontman Art Alexakis stopped by Fuse's offices, he talked about the absurdity of asking a rocker where they met their current partner. "People are like, 'So where did you guys meet?' I'm like, 'Where do you think we met? On the road!'" laughs Alexakis. "I'm a musician, that's where I'm at my alpha."

In the video above, the Everclear singer talks about how he navigated a sea of groupies on tour to meet "my fourth wife and the mother of my second child. That's a good tour."

He also looks back in bemusement at Everclear's questionable fashion choices when they played Woodstock '99. "For some reason, our whole get-up had gotten down to wearing suits with no sleeves, suit pants cut off at the knees and cowboy hats that we bought at truck stops. And horrible sock garters with black socks. Just horrible."

To learn about Everclear's tour this summer with Sugar Ray and why it took him six years to record a new Everclear album (Invisible Stars is set to release in 2012), check out the video below.