May 23, 2012


Check Out the Four-Finger Ring 2 Chainz Got Arrested for Wearing

Photo Credit: Dope Culture
Photo Credit: Dope Culture

When 2 Chainz was arrested yesterday (May 22), the rap world held its breath until we found out that he was arrested for being in possession of brass knuckles, which seems like a weak reason to be arrested. But hey, it was at an airport, so we're glad they're checking for stuff like that. And now the ring has been identified!

According to MTV Style, the ring he's wearing is by a brand called Dope Couture, and the ring is a "The Dope Four" Four Finger Ring. The rings come in four colors, silver, matte black, gun-metal and gold, and cost only $48. You can buy them here, but they only come in editions of 100 so they'll probably be sold out.

Obviously you should not wear these at an airport or ever, ever use them as a weapon. Actually, you probably shouldn't really wear these outside the house because some law enforcement considers them a weapon. So, if you are going to buy them, put them on, take a few self-pics in the mirror wearing them and then put them in a drawer somewhere, not in your suitcase.