INGLEWOOD, CA - AUGUST 25:  Singer/guitarist Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand performs at The Forum on August 25, 2009 in Ing
John Shearer

If you'd have asked me last week, I'd have been all, "Ding, dong, the archduke of aughts dance rock is dead." Because I haven't heard anything (and I mean anything) from Glasgow-bred snazzy pants quartet Franz Ferdinand. And now all of a sudden they're back. I bet the real Archuduke Franz Ferdinand (history lesson: his assassination sparked WWI) wishes he could do that trick. 

So the quartet debuted  four new songs live in Limerick, Ireland this weekend, and you can watch video of all of 'em below. The newbies are called "Right Thoughts," "Brief Encounters," "Fresh Strawberries" and "Trees And Animals." "Fresh Strawberries" is my favorite so far. 

But there's more: The band also busted out a brief cover of "I Feel Love" by late disco queen Donna Summer, who died on May 18. Watch below and get yer groove on.