May 10, 2012


Freddie Mercury Optical Illusion to Appear Live in Queen Show

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Michael Ochs Archives

If you like Queen and were intrigued by the Tupac hologram, you are just going to love this: Queen is performing a special iteration of their musical We Will Rock You, on London's West End (the English equivalent of Broadway), with an optical illusion version of their late lead singer Freddie Mercury!

Queen guitarist Brian May told BBC News that the effect that will be used to recreate Mercury is specifically not a hologram, but rather "an optical illusion of sorts." He also stressed that "people will come out saying, 'Did we actually see Freddie?'" And those are really, really stupid people.

Regarding the Tupac hologram, May said, "It's a little unfortunate they did that thing with Tupac as we've been trying to make Freddie appear on the stage for quite a while." He added that the technique they're using for Mercury might be similar, but won't be exactly the same: "[That technique] is something we've looked at ourselves but I think probably for a show that runs eight shows a week it's not really quite practical."

May also confirmed that one of the producers, actor Robert De Niro, will be in attendance to witness Optical Illusion Freddie Mercury.

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