May 7, 2012


Ghostface Killah Is a "New York Times" Crossword Puzzle Answer

The New York Times /
The New York Times /

New York Times crossword puzzle devotees got hit in the head with Ghostface Killah this morning as the Wu-Tang Clan member's name was used in the New York Times crossword puzzle! The clue was "Rapper who came to prominence as a member of the Wu-Tang Clan," and there were so many boxes that you could fit most of the rest of the Clan in there (RZA, GZA, U-God, ODB).

The puzzle, written by Brown University junior Guy Tabachnick, was scrutinzed by Rex Parker, a popular crossword puzzle blogger, who thinks that older people won't understand the clue: "I do, however, feel for the tens of thousands of regular crossword solvers who will never have heard of Ghostface Killah. That's a lot of grid territory to concede to someone who is gonna be virtually unknown to (I'm just guessing here) *most* crossword solvers over 50. Just a guess. I'll be thrilled to be wrong. I've been on the other side of this musical / pop cultural equation, and it's not always pleasant. I hope that at least the sheer wackiness of the guy's name brings you at least some measure of happiness."

Old people aren't the only ones caught on the other side of a "musical / pop cultural equation." This kid, who appeared on Teen Jeopardy on May 3, just became a footnote in the musical ignorance history books. Watch below and weep...