May 7, 2012


Hear Two New Animal Collective Songs

Jordi Vidal
Jordi Vidal

Why, hello there new Animal Collective music. Yes, indeed: The experimental and psychedelic electronic group out of Baltimore, who are responsible for one of the best releases of recent years with 2009's Merriweather Post Pavilion, have dropped a pair of new songs online. Listen to "Honeycomb" and "Gotham" at AC's website right here.

Both tracks--out June 26 on a 7" via Domino Records--remind me why I love Merriweather Post Pavilion; they're goopy electronic whiz-bangers with all sorts of warped sounds and vocals. "Honeycomb" is more upbeat and tripped-out with African-tinged backing hamronies and an ADHD lead vocal from member Avey Tare; "Gotham" is slower and juicier with warbling guitar lines, swirling echo effects and the reverb-drenched voice of Panda Bear.

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