May 29, 2012


Flo Rida Reveals Workout Secrets

Flo Rida is the biggest rapper in the game (physically), so naturally Fuse had some questions about how he got that way. We sat down with Flo to get his workout secrets, which include "work out like you're performing," making time for fitness and taking his trainer on the road!

"I decided to bring my boxing trainer on the road with me," said Flo. "Being on stage for over an hour, you need a lot of cardio and I feel like that's a vehicle to success. You've gotta stay healthy to go out there and travel the world!" Check out the video above for his workout secrets.

And watch the video below to hear Flo Rida talk about his new album, his video and working with Lil Wayne, Jennifer Lopez and LMFAO! Let us know what you think of Flo Rida in the comments.