May 9, 2012


Horrible Stand-up and Jail Time: Jason Mraz's Craziest Tour Stories

When you've been touring more than a decade like Jason Mraz has, you're bound to have some insane stories about the road. When we sat down with the Virginia singer-songwriter, he shared some of these tales, including opening for Bob Dylan and getting arrested in Texas attempting to open for James Taylor.

"We camped out in the middle of nowhere [in Texas]," said Mraz. "And then got arrested in the morning for marijuana possession. Never made it to the show; spent two days in jail, turned around and went back home."

The singer, who just released his fourth album Love is a Four Letter Word, also discussed certain fans getting the "Jason look" (moustache, goatee, hat), why international fans treat his show like Rage Against the Machine and performing "horrible slapstick comedy” for CNN correspondents. Check out the video above for tour nightmare goodness.