May 28, 2012


Jay Sean Farts, Blames Others During Interviews

"My farts are unpleasant," UK singer/songwriter Jay Sean admits in Fuse's latest Intimate Interview. "I consume a lot of protein for my diet. Some of it is in the form of protein powder and sometimes it doesn't agree with my stomach. It's not my fault. But I always, always, blame someone else. Last time I blamed someone else, I think it was in an interview. And I blamed it on the cameraman." This is just one of the shocking revelations offered up by the Lil Wayne/Pitbull collaborator in the above interview.

He also opens up about his unflattering Return of the Jedi-related nickname as a kid. "Yes, I did I have many nicknames as a kid. Thank you for bringing up such awful memories. One of them was, 'Fatty Fatty Jabba Jhooti.' My last name is Jhooti… and Jabba as in 'Jabba the Hutt.' Fat and hairy."

To hear him talk about his unabashed love for the music of Michael Bolton and why he still knows every word to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air episodes, watch the full video above. And in case you're wondering about it, here's the un-PC Jay Sean prank call he mentions during the interview.