May 10, 2012


Jay-Z Quietly Launches Reasonably Priced Cognac

Astrid Stawiarz
Astrid Stawiarz

Are you ready for a bombshell news item? Jay-Z is shilling for a luxury brand! But it's for a product we could kind of afford (not all the time, but sometimes). According to The Life Files and DailyBhaskar, Jay-Z held an ultra-private event in New York last night to launch D’ussé (pronounced DEW-say) cognac.

The cognac will cost $44.99 for a 750-ml bottle and will be on sale in September. And it seems like this cognac, made by Bacardi, is a direct dig at Hennessey, which dominates the global cognac market along with Rémy Martin, Courvoisier and Martell.

This isn't Jigga's first attempt at endorsing a luxury beverage (or his second). In 2006, Jay-Z, known at the time for drinking and promoting Cristal, officially ended his endorsement of that brand after a Cristal spokesperson spoke detrimentally about hip-hop's connection to the champagne. "It has come to my attention that the managing director of Cristal, Frederic Rouzaud views the ‘hip-hop’ culture as ‘unwelcome attention,'" Jay-Z said at the time. "I view his comments as racist and will no longer support any of his products through any of my various brands including the 40/40 Club nor in my personal life." Jay went on to endorse Ace of Spades instead.

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