May 14, 2012


Judge Allows $100 Million Beyonce Video Game Lawsuit to Go To Trial

Kevin Mazur
Kevin Mazur

After Beyoncé allegedly pulled out of a $20 million video game deal last December, the attached developer filed suit against her and her management asking for a whopping $100 million in damages. Now it looks like Beyoncé might have to take the stand, with a Manhattan judge permitting video game development company Gate Five's lawsuit to go to trial, according to the New York Post. Beyoncé's lawyers declined to comment on this latest development.

Starpower: Beyoncé would have been a motion-sensing computer game allowing users to pretend to be Beyoncé, not all that unlike Jay-Z's recently launched Facebook game allowing you to play along with his rags-to-Rocawear life story. According to Gate Five's lawsuit, Beyoncé and her team nixed the tentative agreement three days before they signed a deal with financiers, which they say forced them to fire 70 employees and cost them all the sweet, sweet cash they would have raked in.

What do you think? Is $100 million a hefty asking fee for an abandoned $20 million deal? As of February 2012, her last album, 4, sold well over a million copies, but would those same buyers have sprung for a Beyonce computer game? Let us know what you think.