May 9, 2012


Meet 19-Year-Old Florida Rap Sensation Kitty Pryde

This morning, The FADER brought us the premiere of Kitty Pryde's "Okay Cupid" video starring the 19-year-old Daytona Beach, FL, rapper (that name sounds familiar, right?), who lit up the internet with the song when it dropped on April 11. She calls herself "the jailbait Hayley Williams of rap," and that sounds about right.

In the vein of internet superstars like Kreayshawn and Lana Del Rey, Pryde crafts tracks and videos with wide ranges of influence (hardcore rap, MacBook cameras, teen idolatry) that sound instantly appealing. But artists of this ilk raise the worthless questions that get bloggers' and commenters' blood boiling: Is it legitimate for a 19-year-old white girl with red hair to be rapping? Does liking her make you cool or lame?

You can check out her Tumblr, her Twitter and her Bandcamp pages for more tracks. Watch her "Okay Cupid" video below and her "Justin Bieber" video below that. Let us know what you think of Kitty Pryde in the comments! 

Kitty Pryde, "Justin Bieber"