May 11, 2012


Serena Williams Released a Rap Song (?!)

History is fraught with athletes trying to rap, so much so that Bleacher Report once compiled 25 and barely skimmed the surface. This morning (May 11), TMZ posted audio of all-star tennis player Serena Williams' unreleased rap track. And yes, there are many tennis references:  

“I ball hard no tennis racket," rhymes Williams. "I can’t see the haters through my Gucci glasses/ I make hits like batting practice/They be like, ‘Serena, is you really rapping?””

A question many people have today. Williams also shouts out her sister and makes the inevitable court/court punchline: “I win/I really mean it/Swag out this world/You should call me Venus/That’s my sister/My name is Serena/On the court, I serve them up/No subpoena”

According to TMZ, "Serena laid down some tracks last year at a Florida record studio called B Major Music Group—owned by Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie, who's good friends with the Williams sisters."

Listen to the track above while we impatiently wait for, hopefully, a full album to dissect.