May 9, 2012


Watch: Metallica Play Entire "Black Album" For First Time Live

Srdjan Stevanovic
Srdjan Stevanovic

After 21 years of Metallica fans wishin' and hopin', the band played their entire 1991 self-titled classic in concert on Monday night at their tour kickoff in Prague. Even though they tore through every song on The Black Album, it wasn't a start-to-finish album performance because they curiously decided to play Metallica backwards. So they kicked off with album-closer "The Struggle Within" and wrapped with "Enter Sandman." 

This also marks the first time that Metallica has played "Don't Tread On Me" or "The Struggle Within" ever on stage. Watch the live debut of "Don't Tread On Me" below.

According to drummer Lars Ulrich, the live Black Album performance wasn't the band's idea. "The people at Download [an upcoming UK music festival] asked [us to do it]," Ulrich told Kerrang!. "It wasn't our idea." Still, it's awesome they were up for this in the first place, especially since they admitted to Blabbermouth they had to re-learn the two songs that had never been performed live before. 

So yes, this means the band's run-through of The Black Album in Prague was a warm up for their June slot at Britain's Download Festival, where lucky headbangers  will catch Metallica playing Metallica finish-to-start.

As for U.S. audiences, we might have a harder time convincing the band to give us The Black Album in concert. Sad, but true.

Listen to highlights from Metallica's Prague concert below.

Metallica - "The Struggle Within" (Live From Prague)

Metallica - "The Unforgiven" (Live from Prague)